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Great GAMES and great PRIZES are an essential part of the HBL experience. But it is our PEOPLE who give this experience its human face, who talk enthusiastically with our wide variety of guests to make their day unforgettable; celebrating with them when they win and helping and encouraging them when they don’t.

HBL staff take pride in their work, maintaining the highest standards of presentation and guest interaction, with a view to exceeding our partner expectations. Typically our HBL teams score over 90% in Mystery Shopper surveys.

So how do we achieve these standards?


The ideal HBL games operator profile has quite different skills from say a retail shop assistant.

With over 30 years' experience HBL is well placed to identify these unique skills, often working with assessment centres to better select the top candidates.

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Before starting staff are given in-depth training in the “HBL Way” as well as in the specific standards required by each park we work with.

They are given clear instructions on how to run the games and how to interact with customers, reinforced by roleplay and constant on-the-job tracking and feedback until the right standards are achieved.

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Our experience is that well motivated staff deliver the best results and motivation is a key focus for our managers: setting high standards, but at the same time building a fun, rewarding work environment for our staff.

Success in both guest relations and in sales is directly rewarded through a bonus scheme, and our best operators have the opportunity to advance quickly within our business(the current HBL Global Director of Games started out this way).

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