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Customer research tells us that prize quality (and generosity) is a vital part of the games experience. HBL’s philosophy is to offer a mixture of the hottest licensed prizes plus colourful non-licensed merchandise with attractive and novel designs. It’s a philosophy which is showing good results, with customers giving top scores for HBL prize quality in our in-park research.

To support this quality, HBL has a dedicated product team of 8 full-time people that source prizes from a range of designers and manufacturers in Europe, the USA and Asia. HBL spends in excess of $20 million on prizes annually, allowing us to buy at prices well below our competitors and to pass that value on to our customers.

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Great Games

With 30 years experience and a presence in 20 countries, HBL has developed a full range of fun, entertaining games - tried and tested across the world.

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Great People

Great GAMES and great PRIZES are an essential part of the HBL experience. But it is our PEOPLE who give this experience its human face, who talk enthusiastically with our wide variety of guests to make their day unforgettable.

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