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HBL’s main business is the operation of skill games – fun games that are played for prizes e.g. “Knock over the cans” or “Land the ball in the basket”. We work in partnership with major theme parks and attractions, fully managing their skill games operations by providing:

  • top quality, fully themed games and prizes
  • experienced HBL managers and trained staff, running all day-to-day games operations

As well as operating skill games, HB Leisure is also a major player in the Family Arcades sector, seeing strong growth in and outside the UK since opening our first premises in North Wales in 1932.

All our operations are focused on bringing excitement and fun to our customers; and hassle-free business growth to our partners. Three areas in particular are at the heart of our success: Great Games, Great Prizes and Great People.


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Great Games

With 30 years experience and a presence in 20 countries, HBL has developed a full range of fun, entertaining games - tried and tested across the world.

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Great Prizes

HBL has a dedicated product team of 8 full-time people that source the hottest prizes from a range of designers and manufacturers across Europe, the USA and Asia.

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Great People

Great GAMES and great PRIZES are an essential part of the HBL experience. But it is our PEOPLE who give this experience its human face, who talk enthusiastically with our wide variety of guests to make their day unforgettable.

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Family Arcades

Family Arcade

HBL is a major player in the Family Arcades sector, opening its first UK arcade in 1932.
We now run over 30 arcades around the world, with the number of sites growing year-on-year.


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