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Gold Reef City is an historical amusement park in South Africa.

Gold Reef City outsourced its games in 2006, with HB Leisure taking over the in-house operations of skill games that year and driving up revenue by over 900% in year one. Our 14 year partnership with Gold Reef City continues strongly, with a new contract signed in 2014 and continued investment from HBL, including the new Meltdown attraction that went live in 2015.

Having begun a strategic overhaul of GRCTP in 2006, one of our first new ventures was to throw out old and tired playing type attractions and install 10 new skill games around the park in a joint venture with HB leisure.

The proof, as they say, of the pudding is in the eating and we all agree the skill games are a tasty treat, not only in terms of additional revenue to the Park but a resounding favourite for our visitors who try, try and try again to win the prizes which are carried around like Olympic trophies on the day.

GRCTP intends to add to the range of games available but it must be acknowledged that the support and infrastructure which exists at HB, together with the enthusiasm and skills provided by the HB commissioning team on site is invaluable. If you are looking to add to your bottom line and to add some FUN to your Park speak to HB
Steve Cook, Former CEO, Gold Reef City
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