Our Partners

“HBL has grown consistently thanks to our fantastic partners. They have believed in us year after year (for over 25 years in some cases) and we are very proud to work with them…. now in over 150 locations around the world”.

Alex Sparks
Managing Director, HB Leisure

UK USA Europe Middle East & South Africa Asia Pacific & India

Operating in over 25 countries, HBL has enormous experience in operating games and arcades successfully in different environments. Discover the partners we work with in the different regions of the world.


HB Leisure signed its first UK theme park in 1994 and we now operate in most major UK theme parks.

Middle East & South Africa

The Middle East was HBL’s first non-UK area of operation, beginning in Dubai in 1997. Today we operate in over 30 major parks and attractions across the Middle East.


HBL first entered Europe in 2004 and we now operate in over 25+ sites across 8 different countries.


HB Leisure began operations in the USA in 2011 and has grown steadily. Since 2020 we have taken a major leap forward with the addition of the SeaWorld and Six Flag leisure portfolios.

Asia Pacific & India

APAC is the most recent HBL region and is growing fast. Our first site was in Malaysia in 2013, and we’re now present in over 20 sites and 7 countries.


HBL has grown fast and is looking for continued expansion. If you are interested in partnering with us we would be delighted to hear from you.