January 4, 2024

Prize Innovation: Yeti Jelly Monster

Yeti Jelly Monster

You may have seen the Yeti Jelly Monster stealing the spotlight at Winter Wonderland Hyde Park. But here’s the inside scoop about this latest Jelly Monster mix – it was designed and created by Meghan Van Bemmel, our very own Games Manager at Slagharen! The Yeti Jelly Monster is a result of HBL’s Prize Innovation Initiative which allows employees to explore their creativity and send in their unique designs to expand our prize lines.

Yeti Jelly Monster

The Prize Innovation Initiative offers all HBL employees the chance to craft their own prize designs. Whether it’s an addition to an existing lineup or an entirely new prize line, selected designs undergo a meticulous process including sampling and a trial run. Upon determining the success and popularity of the prize, a bulk order is then placed to be distributed across our sites around the world.

For Meghan, it all started when she noticed that most of the Jelly Monsters available at Slagharen seemed to cater more to girls. Boys were disinterested in winning the Jelly Monsters, opting for other prizes instead. Determined to make a change, Meghan consulted her nephews who revealed that their favourite prize was the Yeti plush that was available on the Hook a Duck skill game in Slagharen. With their feedback, Meghan set out to create a Jelly Monster that would resonate with the young boys. With her background as a graphic designer who loves to draw and paint, Meghan took up the challenge to create the Yeti Jelly Monster in hopes that it would resonate with the young male audience.

Yeti Jelly Monster Artwork

Despite facing challenges, from selecting the perfect colour palette to crafting its adorable face, Meghan was able to triumph over each obstacle with her flair for design. The Yeti Jelly Monster made its grand debut at Winter Wonderland Hyde Park 2023, capturing the hearts of kids and adults alike.

Meghan expressed her amazement, stating, “It is amazing to see my Jelly Monster drawing become real at a big site like London.”. She further hinted at having additional ideas up her sleeve, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to turn them into reality.

The Prize Innovation Initiative’s commitment to employee-driven creativity has since given rise to new and exciting additions to HBL’s prize lines. With each unique design, a ripple effect is set off, inspiring more adorable prize designs from our employees. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting surprises as our creative employees continue to bring their designs to life!

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park - Yeti Jelly Monster
Yeti Jelly Monster Prize