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Jetting into Another Country

Published: 14.02.2020

HBL have opened in Taiwan for the first time, bringing a taste of the carnival to Jets Carnival in Kaohsiung City.

The Jets Carnival opened on December 20, introducing European and American theme park amusement equipment. It combines games, rides, local cuisine and colourful performances.

The event has been set up on the harbour at Banana Pier, where cruise ships can pull up alongside allowing passengers to join in the fun. The carnival will remain there until April 20, when it will move to another site in Taiwan.

HBL has provided 14 carnival-themed games which are going down well with visitors. The country’s vice president-elect Lai Ching-te even found time in his busy schedule to join in and is pictured playing our basketball game.

Twenty-five local people are working on the games, supported by three staff from the Philippines and two from Singapore, whilst five staff have been seconded from Europe over the winter.


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