February 8, 2024

HBL Unveils Skill Games and Family Arcades at South Sabahiya Park

Brace yourselves – a new world of fun has just been unveiled in South Sabahiya Park, Kuwait! HBL is proud to announce the successful launch of our skill games operations during the grand opening on 12 December 2023. South Sabahiya Park is more than just an entertainment hotspot, it features a vibrant blend of amusement rides, skill games, delectable dining options, and cosy cafes for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

HBL Skill Games at South Sabahiya Park, Kuwait

With 12 exciting skill games, HBL guarantees an exciting experience at South Sabahiya Park where every visit is a chance to create lasting memories with loved ones. For sports enthusiasts, the 6-player and 8-player Basketball is the perfect game to show off their hoop skills. They’ll not only get to demonstrate their prowess but also stand a chance to win prizes like the Dog Plush or the exclusive HBL Banana to parade around the park. Families in search of kid-friendly skill games need look no further than Fried Frogs, Balloon Pop, Colors and Hook a Duck. These skill games guarantee a prize with every play, offering the little ones an opportunity to win themselves one of the charming animal or fruit plushes.

But that’s not all! For visitors who are eager to put their skills to the test, a series of challenging options await. Games like Pyramid Smash, Rebound, Blockbuster, Milk Can, Lobster Pot or Kick the Bucket are sure to test their accuracy, aim and finesse. They’ll stand a chance to win amazing prizes, including official licensed prizes from popular franchises like Pokémon and Nintendo.

HBL Family Arcades in South Sabahiya Park, Kuwait

However, HBL is more than just the Global Leader in Skill Games. We are also a major international player in family arcades! At South Sabahiya Park, you’ll find three small arcade tents and one large arcade tent, packed with the best family arcade games and entertainment options. From timeless classics to the latest gaming experiences, our family arcades are ideal for families and individuals alike to unwind and enjoy.

In partnership with South Sabahiya Park, HBL has created an entertainment destination that truly stands out. With our expertise, HBL is committed to delivering an entertainment experience unlike any other. Reach out to us at businessdevelopment@hbleisure.com to start a discussion today!

HBL Kick the Bucket Skill Game in South Sabahiya Park, Kuwait
HBL Skill Games at South Sabahiya Park, Kuwait