August 30, 2023

HBL Unveils New Pop-Up Game Booths at SkyWorlds, Genting

Genting Skyworlds Pop-Up Game Booth Pyramid Smash

The bustling atmosphere of Genting SkyWorlds’ Gohtong Way event, which kicked off on 22nd July, reached new heights of excitement with the recent addition of 2 pop-up game booths for Pyramid Smash and Lobster Pot on 30th August. As part of the event, these pop-up game booths from HBL have become a permanent fixture within the theme park, adding an extra layer of fun for park visitors.

Genting Skyworlds Pop-Up Game Booth Lobster Pot
Genting Skyworlds Arcade

Visitors to the Gohtong Way event can also enjoy a wide range of skill games, including Ring Toss, Spill the Milk, Spin the Wheel, Rebound and Lobster Pot at the Genting SkyWorlds’ arcade area. This expansion grants visitors access to an even wider array of entertainment choices.

What makes this addition even more special is the collaborative effort that went into its creation. Our teams from Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam came together to bring these pop-up game booths to life and ensure the success of the project.

Genting Skyworlds Lobster Pot Pop-Up Game Booth Render
Genting Skyworlds Pyramid Smash Pop-Up Game Booth Render

As the host country, Malaysia played a crucial role in finalising the theming design for the pop-up game booths. With the visuals and graphics created by the team in the Philippines, the Singapore and Vietnam teams were then able to work together to refine the details and design of the pop-up game booths. The teams ensured that the games were not only fun but also visually captivating. Vietnam took charge of the entire unit fabrication and once the booths were ready, they were shipped to Malaysia, where the local team took charge of the setup, prize displays, and operations.

Genting Skyworlds Pop-Up Game Booth Pyramid Smash

The creation of these stunning pop-up game booths was a collaborative effort that showcased teamwork and cross-border cooperation. With each country taking on specific roles from planning all the way to execution, this project’s success demonstrates how teams from different regions can work together effectively to turn an idea into reality.

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