October 5, 2023

HBL Skill Games Brought to New Heights

HBL | Skill Games | Statue of Belief, India

With a keen eye on growth in India, HBL has successfully blended spirituality and entertainment with the launch of 5 skill games at the Statue of Belief in India. Nestled beneath the awe-inspiring World’s Tallest Shiva Statue or the World’s 4th Tallest Statue, which stands at an impressive 112.5 metres or 369 feet, our skill games were officially launched in October 2023. This unique setup promises visitors a unique fusion of excitement against the stunning backdrop of the majestic statue.

HBL | Skill Games | Statue of Belief, India

Offering a diverse array of thrilling games suitable for players of all ages, we are absolutely delighted to introduce these 5 skill games to the Statue of Belief!

1. Lobster Pot

HBL | Skill Games | Statue of Belief, India | Lobster Pot

Lobster Pot is a crowd-favourite skill game where players can stand a chance to win a reversible octopus plush. This game is a true test of skill and precision as players aim to land both balls in the angled bucket.

2. Rebound

HBL | Skill Games | Statue of Belief, India | Rebound

A classic skill game that’s enjoyed by many, Rebound is a precision-based game that requires players to land a ball into the box by bouncing it against a screen above it. An adorable mix of plushes awaits the winner, including ducks, rabbits, hamsters and lambs.

3. Basketball

HBL | Skill Games | Statue of Belief, India | Basketball

Take aim and shoot for victory in the Basketball game, where players can score a basket to claim one of the many types of dog plushes. This widely-loved skill game is a magnet for basketball enthusiasts eager to showcase their skills off the court.

4. Blockbuster

HBL | Skill Games | Statue of Belief, India | Blockbuster

Blockbuster is a classic test of skill and accuracy. Players simply have to knock down all the blocks completely off the table to win either a duck or penguin plush to add to their collection!

5. Lift a Bottle

HBL | Skill Games | Statue of Belief, India HBL Lift a Bottle Skill Game

Using the game rod, players are tasked to make the bottle stand straight on the block in order to win. Lift a Bottle proves to be an entertaining game for players of all ages, with cute pink and grey rabbits for those who master the art of precision and balance.

Our introduction of a skill games operation at the Statue of Belief marks HBL’s 6th permanent site in India. This expansion is a significant milestone for HBL as we are committed to providing the best experiences and entertainment to a diverse global audience.

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