October 4, 2023

HBL Gets Wild at Jeddah Indoor Zoo!

HBL | Skill Games | Jeddah Indoor Zoo | Spin the Wheel Skill Game HBL

Jeddah, the bustling city on the Red Sea, is now home to a brand new attraction – the Jeddah Indoor Zoo, which officially opened its gates to the public on 3 October 2023. With the launch of HBL’s skill games on October 4, 2023, Jeddah Indoor Zoo is transformed into a haven for animal lovers and gaming enthusiasts alike!

The Jeddah Indoor Zoo promises a unique experience for those seeking an interactive and educational adventure with pets and rare animals. Together with HBL’s 6 exciting skill games, Jeddah Indoor Zoo will provide visitors with an unforgettable experience that appeals to all ages.

1. Basketball

HBL | Skill Games | Jeddah Indoor Zoo | Basketball

The 4-Player Basketball is a classic skill game that offers winners a giant Chili plush to bring home! Designed for friendly competition, this is a skill game that friends and family can enjoy together.

2. Hook a Duck

HBL | Skill Games | Jeddah Indoor Zoo | Hook a Duck

Both kids and adults will love playing Hook a Duck! With a prize to be won regardless, this timeless skill game requires players to catch numbered ducks that add up to their prize. With a range of adorable animal plushes to be won, Hook a Duck is definitely a crowd-favourite.

3. Spin the Wheel

HBL | Skill Games | Jeddah Indoor Zoo | Spin the Wheel Skill Game HBL

Spin the Wheel, a straightforward skill game, provides players with the exciting opportunity to win prizes of various sizes — Small, Medium, Large, or even Giant. With a mix of animal plushes ranging from elephants, pandas, zebras, giraffes and more, the prizes seamlessly enhance the animal kingdom theme of Jeddah Indoor Zoo.

4. Hangman

HBL | Skill Games | Jeddah Indoor Zoo | Hangman

Hangman is a skill game that tests one’s stamina and is definitely not for the weak! Players have the opportunity to claim a giant animal plush by enduring two minutes of hanging on the rod without letting go.

5. Tooth Smash

HBL | Skill Games | Jeddah Indoor Zoo | Tooth Smash

Anyone who wants to keep a big cat of their own should try their hands at Tooth Smash! To win a lion, tiger, or leopard plush to take home, players must skillfully knock down all of the clown’s teeth within three throws.

6. Lobster Pot

HBL | Skill Games | Jeddah Indoor Zoo | Lobster Pot

Lobster Pot promises players a ton of fun and excitement and they try to land two balls in an angled bucket. With adorable flamingo and husky jellies up for grabs, Lobster Pot is a skill game that can be enjoyed by all ages!

This skill game operation is a part of an event that spans 45 days, ensuring that visitors have ample time to engage with the games while exploring the wonders of the Jeddah Indoor Zoo. There’s also a possibility of extending the event to 60 days, providing even more opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in this wild blend of entertainment.

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