March 18, 2022

HBL Opens In Vietnam!

Vietnam joins an ever-growing list of countries in Asia that HB Leisure now operates within. Ba Na Hills is the most recent addition to the list, with Legoland Korea hot on its heels in the next couple of weeks.

The team headed by Country Manager Barry has been working hard since last year, preparing the site ready for its grand reveal this weekend!

The games center around a Medieval Carnival theme, with names and uniforms to match! They are located near one of the three cable car stations that guests use to enter and exit the park. Barry, mentioned that one of the best things about his job is the commute up the hill on the cable car every day!

Ba Na Hills is a resort located in the Trường Sơn Mountains west of the city of Da Nang, in central Vietnam.

Did you know…the Ba Na Cable Car, opened on 29 March 2013, and holds the world record for the longest non-stop single-track cable car at 5,801 metres (19,032 ft) in length.

A warm Congratulations being shared by Ba Na Hills and HB Leisure!
The games during the opening weekend had a steady flow of eager guests waiting to play them!

An opening can not be without a Staff Wefie! A massive Congratulations to the Operations and Projects team!