November 25, 2019

Global Appeal

HBL are delighted to announce that they are trading for the 6th successive year at the Global Village event in Dubai. Opening 29th October 2019, the event includes shows, concerts, displays, rides, exhibitions and retail shops and carries on until 4th April 2020. We will be running 24 skill games and are operating state of the art FEC games.

It is the region’s first multi-cultural festival park that takes you on an adventure around the world. From being mesmerised by traditional and futuristic performances, to experiencing the joy of shopping at buzzing street bazaars from around the globe, Global Village is a place like no other. Taste authentic delicacies from over 20 countries and let loose at the Carnival Funfair. A visit to Global Village is a truly magical experience. An extravaganza of sights, sounds and aromas from every part of the globe, making this entertainment destination a true feast for the senses. You are sure to be wowed by the charm of the old, and the magnificence of the new. Come join the celebration of diversity.