June 16, 2023

Gardaland’s Arcade Transformed with New VR Experiences

HBL | VR | Virtual Reality | YULLBE GO VR Experience

In a bid to redefine the arcade experience, HBL proudly presents the YULLBE GO VR Experience, an innovative addition to our family arcade offering in Gardaland that officially opened on 16 June 2023. This immersive virtual reality experience allows players to transcend the confines of reality and step into entirely new worlds unlike any other. 

HBL | VR | Virtual Reality | YULLBE GO VR Experience

Players are fully equipped with an HTC Vive Focus 3 VR headset and a hand tracker controller to help immerse them in these worlds with remarkable realism. The headset seamlessly bridges the gap between reality and the virtual with an impressive 5K resolution, an expansive 120° field of view and a smooth 90Hz refresh rate. This ensures a visually stunning and lag-free adventure for players while the hand tracker controller gives players the power to manipulate and interact with the virtual environment.

HBL | VR | Virtual Reality | Gardaland VR Experience Space

With the YULLBE GO VR Experience, players can enjoy the freedom to move around the dedicated space. Powered by inside-out tracking, special cameras within the VR goggles continuously monitor players’ precise positions, ensuring an immersive and engaging experience as they play around in the virtual world. Adventurers as young as 5, accompanied by a guardian, or those aged 8 and above can partake in this immersive journey.


Alpha Mods P.D.

HBL | VR | Virtual Reality | YULLBE YULLBE GO Alpha Mods VR Game

Step into the futuristic city of Ultraville, situated on a planet far from Earth, and become an integral part of a special police unit. Equipped with state-of-the-art vehicles, players are tasked to chase down intergalactic criminals using the “Alpha Mods” on Ultraville’s central highway. Players can expect an exhilarating gaming adventure that will set their hearts racing and their adrenaline levels soaring!


HBL | VR | Virtual Reality | YULLBE Traumatica VR Game

The Traumatica VR experience catapults players into a nightmarish scenario – awakening amidst chaos, with danger lurking at every turn. Armed with a single light source, players embark on a mission as the last survivors of the “Resistance.” Will they emerge triumphant, or fall victim to the beguiling Myra Moon Mistress? Traumatica offers a riveting horror adventure that pushes the limits of immersive storytelling!

ARTiality – The Art Of Abstraction

HBL | VR | Virtual Reality | YULLBE Artiality VR Game

ARTiality – The Art of Abstraction is a haven for art aficionados, letting players immerse themselves in the abstract creations of renowned artists such as W. Kandisky, H. af Klint, P. Mondrian, O. Schlemmer and more. Players are able to step into the pictures and become part of the art themselves. This VR experience offers a unique blend of culture and technology, allowing players to explore abstract art as never before.

Moon to Mars

HBL | VR | Virtual Reality | YULLBE GO Moon to Mars VR Game

Moon to Mars takes players on an interstellar journey, beginning on a space station with a breathtaking view of Earth. They can then freely explore the Red Planet, play with gravity, and make groundbreaking discoveries. It’s an astronaut’s dream come true!

These YULLBE GO VR Games epitomise the future of entertainment, bridging the gap between the real and virtual worlds, and offering players an unprecedented level of immersion and adventure. HBL is proud to offer Gardaland guests an arcade experience with these groundbreaking VR games, ensuring that every visitor is treated to a thrilling adventure unlike any other.

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