April 24, 2024

Employee Spotlight – Virgie Abelanes

HBL Employee Spotlight - Virgie Abelanes

Say hello to Virgie Abelanes, the latest member of the HBL team here in Singapore! She dove right in as our new Purchasing and Finance Executive and embraced her responsibilities diligently.


Virgie’s all about keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes. Her daily routine involves managing financial data across different channels, with one of her primary tasks including generating stock sheets for 25 sites globally such as the Philippines and Taiwan. Additionally, she helps to monitor Australia’s performance against our targets and goals, ensuring they are right on track. 


Virgie’s keen eye for detail and organisational skills ensure that HBL’s global operations function seamlessly and efficiently. To Virgie, HBL is a great opportunity for her to grow professionally! Her ambition to excel in the world of finance is truly inspiring.


HBL wishes you all the best, Virgie! We look forward to your future contributions and continued success in the years to come and we will be rooting for you wholeheartedly throughout your journey.

HBL Employee Spotlight - Virgie Abelanes