June 24, 2024

Employee Spotlight: Seon Yeong Byeon

HBL Employee Spotlight: Seon Yeong Byeon

It brings us great pleasure to introduce Seon Yeong Byeon, our site manager – Everland, who recently received her 5 Years of Service Award with HBL. For Seon Yeong, her journey with HBL began after college. “After graduating from college, I stumbled upon a job listing for HBL while browsing through job search platforms,” Seon Yeong recalls. Drawn in by familiarity from her previous work experience, Seon Yeong was motivated by the opportunity for an “out of the usual workspace” that she found rewarding. One that allowed her to craft cherished memories for guests in her workplace. 

Within the vibrant landscape of HBL, Seon Yeong has navigated through various roles that have contributed greatly to her personal and professional growth. She started as a Games Operator, engaging directly with customers, before progressing to a leadership position. From managing finances and mentoring colleagues to eventually assuming the role of assistant manager and site manager, Seon Yeong’s journey with HBL has been challenging, rewarding, and full of growth. 

The opportunity to travel to the Philippines for a business trip was an experience that stood out in Seon Yeong’s memory. She recounts that “it was nice to have a time to experience a new culture and learn more about the operation of the games”, given that she had not had the opportunity to work overseas in other roles. Such experiences have not only broadened horizons for Seon Yeong, but has also fostered a deeper appreciation for HBL’s global operations. 

Throughout Seon Yeong’s time with us at HBL, she has journeyed through various inevitable challenges. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic presented a formidable obstacle, particularly for Everland, the site under Seon Yeong’s stewardship. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, it showcased the resilience and dedication of the team. Seon Yeong reflects “Fortunately, our leaders and operators worked hard, and we were able to overcome this crisis together”.

Individuals like Seon Yeong embody the resilience and commitment to excellence of HBL. We are happy to have her on board the HBL Team. We are confident in her abilities to continue excelling, mentoring and inspiring those around her in the years to come. Our congratulations to Seon Yeong for receiving her 5 Years of Service Award.

HBL Employee Spotlight - Seon Yeong Byeon