March 21, 2024

Employee Spotlight: Richard Sharples

In this Employee Spotlight, we take a glimpse into Richard Sharples’ career trajectory with HBL. Achieving significant milestones along the way, Richard shares his enlightening insights that have made his professional career a remarkable one.

Richard began his career with HBL in January 2004 as a trainee manager in Dubai. After three years of dedicated service, he was promoted to the position of Assistant Manager in Wales, where his exceptional performance and excellence led to a further promotion just six months later as the Arcade Manager of 5th Avenue Arcade in Llandudno. This rapid progression is a testament to Richard’s outstanding work ethic and his ability to excel in his responsibilities.

However, his growth does not stop here. Richard further moved on to Arcade & Cash Office Manager, before taking on the extraordinary role of Assistant General Manager at Alton Towers Resort. Five years later, he became the esteemed Head of Global Purchasing in 2012, a role in which he continues to excel to this day. His current responsibilities include budgeting, forecasting, product development, logistics, supplier negotiation and relationships, all aimed at providing customers with only the best prize selections.

Despite COVID-19 bringing about many uncertainties and disruptions, Richard remained confident in his abilities and proposed various insightful solutions to mitigate the challenges. The biggest challenge for him was overcoming the increase in product costs over the years while not compromising on quality, which he designed a calculated approach to tackle.

Reflecting on his numerous roles in HBL, Richard highlights the essence of having good people and relationship management and always staying open-minded to different perspectives especially when facing high-pressure situations. He added, “I had and have continued to work with some fantastic people that always go above and beyond in their specific roles and it is these people that help to make HBL not only a successful company but also a great company to work for with a great working environment.”

As we celebrate his achievements, we are proud to say that Richard Sharples has been an incredibly valuable member of the HBL team. This year also marks a significant milestone as Richard celebrates 20 years of dedicated service with HBL. Here’s to many more accomplishments and growth in his journey ahead!

HBL Employee Spotlight - Richard Sharples