November 24, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Helen Roberts

HBL | Employee Spotlight | Helen Roberts

Join us as we cast an Employee Spotlight on the incredible journey of Helen Roberts, showcasing her dedication and commitment that makes HBL a great workplace!

Helen Roberts started her journey with HBL in August 1989 where she got her start with our Chairman Tim Batstone in the squash scene, one re-named ‘Strings’ in Rhos-on-Sea and the other in Meliden.

In 1993, Helen transitioned into a Head Office role previously located above The Royal Arcade where she took charge of Playsafe Monitoring (now Quantum). As HBL ventured into the Middle East, the company experienced rapid growth and Helen’s role soon expanded to include cash control in local family arcades. During her first maternity leave in 1999, Helen made a smooth transition to working from home, highlighting HBL’s flexibility and family-friendly culture. This allowed Helen to continue her professional career while still able to prioritise her responsibilities to her family. However, when family life demanded more during her second maternity leave in 2001, she made the decision to temporarily shift into a part-time role focused solely on cash control.

With the family gaining more independence over the years, Helen eventually returned to full-time work in HBL, where she is now enjoying her current role as the North Wales Area Cash Controller for the last 15 years. Throughout her time in this role, she has witnessed the arcades transform from a seasonal to a year-round endeavour. This significant change has since provided her with a better sense of stability within the company.

When asked what makes HBL a great workplace for her, Helen says, “It is because of the great team and the great fun I have working with that team.” With teamwork and a good sense of humour, Helen was able to overcome numerous challenges in the workplace.

Amidst Helen Roberts’ remarkable journey, we hope this Employee Spotlight brilliantly captures her unwavering dedication and positive approach in HBL. We are truly grateful for her significant contributions to the company’s success!

HBL | Global Leader in Skill Games | Employee Spotlight | Helen Roberts