January 12, 2024

Employee Spotlight: Ganes Kumar

Employee Spotlight - Ganes Kumar

Throughout HBL‘s incredible 96-year journey, some individuals stand out, embodying the spirit of dedication and growth. Among these standout figures is Ganes Kumar, who currently holds the position of Country Manager for Malaysia!

Ganes embarked on his HBL adventure at LEGOLAND, Malaysia, in 2012 during its grand opening. He started as a Games Crew member, navigating through roles such as Stockboy, Supervisor, Games Manager, and Senior Games Manager. Each role served as a stepping stone for Ganes, paving the way for his current leadership role with unique responsibilities and purposes. Today, Ganes proudly holds the position of Country Manager as he oversees operations across 5 prominent sites in Malaysia, including LEGOLAND Malaysia, Vision City, Skytropolis, SkyWorlds and Gamuda Splash Mania.

As the Country Manager, Ganes is responsible for managing operations, developing business strategies, and improving profitability for HBL’s Malaysia sites. His primary focus revolves around ensuring a seamless and smooth functioning of operations across all sites while setting the pace for business development. Ganes meticulously defines and monitors objectives as he guides his team towards achieving their targets.

Reflecting on his remarkable career in HBL, Ganes expresses profound gratitude to his mentors, Tom Boit and Mark Semple. “10 years is a big milestone for me, and I am grateful to Tom and Mark for guiding and motivating me to grow daily.” Ganes looks forward to continuing his journey with HBL for many more years.

As we celebrate Ganes’s remarkable decade with HBL, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for his dedication and service. With hard work and dedication, Ganes Kumar proves that in HBL, the possibilities for professional growth are limitless. Congratulations, Ganes!

Ganes Kumar Employee Spotlight