May 20, 2024

Employee Spotlight: Chris Westley

HBL Employee Spotlight - Chris Westley

A huge shout out to Chris Westley, our Games Manager at West Midlands Safari Park, who recently achieved his 5 Years of Service Award with HBL! This commendable achievement symbolises unparalleled commitment and support from his team, with Chris devoting his past 5 years to hard work which opened doors to career progressions and brought him to where he is now. 

Chris started as a Supervisor at West Midlands Safari Park where he looked after the games and arcades. When HBL took over the games in 2019, Chris advanced into a Team Leader role and supervised the park diligently while his Manager was away. After HBL assumed responsibility of the arcades in 2021, Chris, with ample experience, confidently took up the position of Games Manager which oversees all the operations of our games in the park. Currently, Chris is also seamlessly managing the duties of the Arcade Manager during her maternity leave and is handling both departments, demonstrating exceptional proficiency. 

Chris is immensely proud of his current position of running both departments. Even though the role involves a lot of responsibility, perseverance and effort, Chris says that it is always fulfilling to see everything work out successfully. He also finds it deeply gratifying when he witnesses the growth of his staff as they gain experience and confidence throughout the years. One unforgettable memory to Chris is the fantastic opportunity to go to London for Winter Wonderland’s recruitment as it was significantly bigger than those he has been to, and Chris had a really wonderful experience there.

Needless to say, there are challenges along the way. Staffing issues can be a prominent problem for Chris, as the park is a small site. Fortunately, Chris has been fostering strong bonds with his staff and there is a strong sense of camaraderie in the team. Because of this, the recruitment process is a breeze to Chris and he gets many candidates eager to rejoin the team.

When asked why he loves to work in HBL, Chris mentioned his love for the outdoors and the animals he gets to see when he goes to work every day. As Chris shares, “It’s quite the experience driving into work and seeing Rhinos and Hippos wandering around!”

Chris’s journey with us exemplifies the essence of passion and dedication. HBL is honoured to have Chris as a beloved member of our team, and we are confident in Chris’s abilities to excel and inspire others in his future years with us.

HBL Employee Spotlight - Chris Westley