August 2, 2023

Dive into Fun at Splash Mania: HBL’s Newest Skill Games Attraction

Gamuda Splash Mania Basketball Skill Game

Splash Mania’s aquatic wonderland just got even more exciting with the introduction of HBL’s latest skill games operation. As of August 2, visitors to this brand-new water park in Malaysia can now enjoy three exciting skill games designed to enhance the park’s summer vibes. With a focus on interactive entertainment and the chance to win delightful prizes, Splash Mania promises an unforgettable experience for individuals and families alike.

We brought our expertise to Splash Mania with the addition of three skill games: the 4-player Basketball, Lobster Pot, and Pyramid Smash. Thoughtfully designed to align seamlessly with the beach and summer vibes of Splash Mania, these skill-based attractions are set to amplify the overall enjoyment of visitors while complementing the lively atmosphere of the water park.

The lure of skill games is the chance to win fantastic prizes, and Splash Mania certainly doesn’t disappoint. Players engaging in the 4-player basketball game can aim for inflatable Chillies, adding a touch of spice to their poolside adventures. Those intrigued by the Lobster Pot game have the opportunity to win adorable Duck and Panda Jellies, while Pyramid Smash players can anticipate taking home an adorable Clownfish or Blue Tang plushes to add to their collection.

The introduction of these new skill games at Splash Mania represents a significant milestone for HBL. This marks the 5th skill games operation initiated by HBL in Malaysia, demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing top-tier entertainment experiences in the region. Furthermore, this collaboration with Splash Mania also marks HBL’s 22nd skill games operation across the Asia-Pacific region.

HBL’s skill games are seamlessly integrated into the water park’s ambience to ensure that visitors are treated to exhilarating water rides and interactive skill games that enhance the overall experience. So whether it’s challenging friends and family to a skill games showdown or enjoying the many water rides available, Splash Mania promises a fun and exciting day for everyone of all ages.

Gamuda Splash Mania Basketball Skill Game
Gamuda Splash Mania Pyramid Smash Skill Game
Gamuda Splash Mania Basketball Skill Game
Gamuda Splash Mania Lobster Pot Skill Game