In this Employee Spotlight, we take a glimpse into Richard Sharples’ career trajectory with HBL. Achieving significant milestones along the way, Richard shares his enlightening insights that have made his professional career a remarkable one.

Richard began his career with HBL in January 2004 as a trainee manager in Dubai. After three years of dedicated service, he was promoted to the position of Assistant Manager in Wales, where his exceptional performance and excellence led to a further promotion just six months later as the Arcade Manager of 5th Avenue Arcade in Llandudno. This rapid progression is a testament to Richard’s outstanding work ethic and his ability to excel in his responsibilities.

However, his growth does not stop here. Richard further moved on to Arcade & Cash Office Manager, before taking on the extraordinary role of Assistant General Manager at Alton Towers Resort. Five years later, he became the esteemed Head of Global Purchasing in 2012, a role in which he continues to excel to this day. His current responsibilities include budgeting, forecasting, product development, logistics, supplier negotiation and relationships, all aimed at providing customers with only the best prize selections.

Despite COVID-19 bringing about many uncertainties and disruptions, Richard remained confident in his abilities and proposed various insightful solutions to mitigate the challenges. The biggest challenge for him was overcoming the increase in product costs over the years while not compromising on quality, which he designed a calculated approach to tackle.

Reflecting on his numerous roles in HBL, Richard highlights the essence of having good people and relationship management and always staying open-minded to different perspectives especially when facing high-pressure situations. He added, “I had and have continued to work with some fantastic people that always go above and beyond in their specific roles and it is these people that help to make HBL not only a successful company but also a great company to work for with a great working environment.”

As we celebrate his achievements, we are proud to say that Richard Sharples has been an incredibly valuable member of the HBL team. This year also marks a significant milestone as Richard celebrates 20 years of dedicated service with HBL. Here’s to many more accomplishments and growth in his journey ahead!

HBL Employee Spotlight - Richard Sharples

In this month’s Employee Spotlight, we shine a well-deserved light on Ericka Montano, the current Games Manager at Seaworld Florida! Formerly an Operations Manager at Andretti Indoor Karting and Games for 3 years, Ericka seized the chance to join HBL when a Games Manager position opened up.

In her role as Games Manager, Ericka has undertaken multiple responsibilities. Apart from overseeing the game operations at Seaworld Florida, she also plays a crucial role in employee relations including interviewing, hiring, scheduling, and managing payroll. Additionally, Ericka also takes charge of curating, organising, and maintaining the displays throughout the park.

When asked about memorable moments during her time with HBL, Ericka Montano warmly recalls a touching moment where she and her team rallied behind a determined little girl celebrating her birthday at the park. “I knew it was going to be hard since she was very small, and a lot of points were needed to accomplish the task. My team and I started to cheer and clap trying to motivate her, and somehow she did it!” The little girl was successful and walked away with a jumbo prize.

Ericka consistently maintains a positive attitude, sporting a cheerful smile even when the Florida weather isn’t in her favour. Through her time with HBL, Ericka mentions that she has cultivated patience, a deep appreciation for diverse cultures, and a commitment to teamwork for optimal results. She believes that teamwork is the key to success, and creating a positive work environment for everyone.

Ericka Montano’s journey in HBL serves as an inspiration to us all as she continues to create magical and memorable moments for her guests. Well done, Ericka!

If Ericka’s journey has sparked your interest in joining HBL, click here to become a part of our team!

Employee Spotlight: Ericka Montano

Brace yourselves – a new world of fun has just been unveiled in South Sabahiya Park, Kuwait! HBL is proud to announce the successful launch of our skill games operations during the grand opening on 12 December 2023. South Sabahiya Park is more than just an entertainment hotspot, it features a vibrant blend of amusement rides, skill games, delectable dining options, and cosy cafes for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

HBL Skill Games at South Sabahiya Park, Kuwait

With 12 exciting skill games, HBL guarantees an exciting experience at South Sabahiya Park where every visit is a chance to create lasting memories with loved ones. For sports enthusiasts, the 6-player and 8-player Basketball is the perfect game to show off their hoop skills. They’ll not only get to demonstrate their prowess but also stand a chance to win prizes like the Dog Plush or the exclusive HBL Banana to parade around the park. Families in search of kid-friendly skill games need look no further than Fried Frogs, Balloon Pop, Colors and Hook a Duck. These skill games guarantee a prize with every play, offering the little ones an opportunity to win themselves one of the charming animal or fruit plushes.

But that’s not all! For visitors who are eager to put their skills to the test, a series of challenging options await. Games like Pyramid Smash, Rebound, Blockbuster, Milk Can, Lobster Pot or Kick the Bucket are sure to test their accuracy, aim and finesse. They’ll stand a chance to win amazing prizes, including official licensed prizes from popular franchises like Pokémon and Nintendo.

HBL Family Arcades in South Sabahiya Park, Kuwait

However, HBL is more than just the Global Leader in Skill Games. We are also a major international player in family arcades! At South Sabahiya Park, you’ll find three small arcade tents and one large arcade tent, packed with the best family arcade games and entertainment options. From timeless classics to the latest gaming experiences, our family arcades are ideal for families and individuals alike to unwind and enjoy.

In partnership with South Sabahiya Park, HBL has created an entertainment destination that truly stands out. With our expertise, HBL is committed to delivering an entertainment experience unlike any other. Reach out to us at to start a discussion today!

HBL Kick the Bucket Skill Game in South Sabahiya Park, Kuwait
HBL Skill Games at South Sabahiya Park, Kuwait

Now there’s a way to explore all of Asia without ever leaving Jeddah KSA! Little Asia is the newest and most vibrant addition to Jeddah’s entertainment scene. Open from 1 December 2023 to 3 March 2024, Little Asia promises an immersive and fun experience inspired by the diverse cultures of China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

Upon entering Little Asia, visitors are transported into a realm of rich cultural experiences with dedicated zones for each country. Perfect for visitors of all ages, Little Asia aims to highlight the arts and cultures of these Asian countries through live music, games, food and traditional goods and crafts that are available for purchase.

The excitement doesn’t end there! HBL is thrilled to present a diverse selection of entertaining activities for all to enjoy, ranging from 3-player Basketball and 8-player Basketball to Lobster Pot, Balloon Pop, and Blockbuster, spread across the different themed zones. Our skill games guarantee even more excitement and entertainment, offering visitors the opportunity to win and bring home amazing prizes.

Imagine infusing your own event or entertainment destination with the thrill of HBL’s skill games. Contact us at, and let’s embark on a journey to create unforgettable experiences together!

HBL Balloon Pop Skill Game, Little Asia
HBL 3-player Basketball Skill Game, Little Asia
HBL Lobster Pot Skill Game, Little Asia
HBL 8-player Basketball Skill Game, Little Asia

Throughout HBL‘s incredible 96-year journey, some individuals stand out, embodying the spirit of dedication and growth. Among these standout figures is Ganes Kumar, who currently holds the position of Country Manager for Malaysia!

Ganes embarked on his HBL adventure at LEGOLAND, Malaysia, in 2012 during its grand opening. He started as a Games Crew member, navigating through roles such as Stockboy, Supervisor, Games Manager, and Senior Games Manager. Each role served as a stepping stone for Ganes, paving the way for his current leadership role with unique responsibilities and purposes. Today, Ganes proudly holds the position of Country Manager as he oversees operations across 5 prominent sites in Malaysia, including LEGOLAND Malaysia, Vision City, Skytropolis, SkyWorlds and Gamuda Splash Mania.

As the Country Manager, Ganes is responsible for managing operations, developing business strategies, and improving profitability for HBL’s Malaysia sites. His primary focus revolves around ensuring a seamless and smooth functioning of operations across all sites while setting the pace for business development. Ganes meticulously defines and monitors objectives as he guides his team towards achieving their targets.

Reflecting on his remarkable career in HBL, Ganes expresses profound gratitude to his mentors, Tom Boit and Mark Semple. “10 years is a big milestone for me, and I am grateful to Tom and Mark for guiding and motivating me to grow daily.” Ganes looks forward to continuing his journey with HBL for many more years.

As we celebrate Ganes’s remarkable decade with HBL, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for his dedication and service. With hard work and dedication, Ganes Kumar proves that in HBL, the possibilities for professional growth are limitless. Congratulations, Ganes!

Ganes Kumar Employee Spotlight

You may have seen the Yeti Jelly Monster stealing the spotlight at Winter Wonderland Hyde Park. But here’s the inside scoop about this latest Jelly Monster mix – it was designed and created by Meghan Van Bemmel, our very own Games Manager at Slagharen! The Yeti Jelly Monster is a result of HBL’s Prize Innovation Initiative which allows employees to explore their creativity and send in their unique designs to expand our prize lines.

Yeti Jelly Monster

The Prize Innovation Initiative offers all HBL employees the chance to craft their own prize designs. Whether it’s an addition to an existing lineup or an entirely new prize line, selected designs undergo a meticulous process including sampling and a trial run. Upon determining the success and popularity of the prize, a bulk order is then placed to be distributed across our sites around the world.

For Meghan, it all started when she noticed that most of the Jelly Monsters available at Slagharen seemed to cater more to girls. Boys were disinterested in winning the Jelly Monsters, opting for other prizes instead. Determined to make a change, Meghan consulted her nephews who revealed that their favourite prize was the Yeti plush that was available on the Hook a Duck skill game in Slagharen. With their feedback, Meghan set out to create a Jelly Monster that would resonate with the young boys. With her background as a graphic designer who loves to draw and paint, Meghan took up the challenge to create the Yeti Jelly Monster in hopes that it would resonate with the young male audience.

Yeti Jelly Monster Artwork

Despite facing challenges, from selecting the perfect colour palette to crafting its adorable face, Meghan was able to triumph over each obstacle with her flair for design. The Yeti Jelly Monster made its grand debut at Winter Wonderland Hyde Park 2023, capturing the hearts of kids and adults alike.

Meghan expressed her amazement, stating, “It is amazing to see my Jelly Monster drawing become real at a big site like London.”. She further hinted at having additional ideas up her sleeve, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to turn them into reality.

The Prize Innovation Initiative’s commitment to employee-driven creativity has since given rise to new and exciting additions to HBL’s prize lines. With each unique design, a ripple effect is set off, inspiring more adorable prize designs from our employees. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting surprises as our creative employees continue to bring their designs to life!

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park - Yeti Jelly Monster
Yeti Jelly Monster Prize

In a world where attractions and entertainment destinations are ever-expanding, it’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, with HBL’s 97 years of expertise in specialised skill games operations, it has never been easier to set your attraction apart from the rest. Explore the 5 ways HBL can enhance your attraction to ensure it becomes a standout destination amidst a saturated market.

1. Enhanced Guest Engagement

HBL | Skill Games | Pop-Up Game Booth | Lobster Pot

There’s no better sight than seeing your guests fully immersed in our skill games, celebrating their victory and bringing home a prize. With HBL, you can elevate the overall guest experience by introducing popular and well-loved skill games that captivate and entertain.

Our well-trained games hosts also play a huge part in ensuring your guests stay actively engaged and fully immersed in our skill games. With their enthusiasm and exceptional customer service skills, your guests will be treated to a memorable experience during their visit!

2. Appeal to a Broad Audience

HBL | Skill Games | Ringtoss

Diversity is key to attracting a broad audience, and HBL is proud to offer a wide range of skill games designed to entertain the young and the young at heart. By reaching out to a wide demographic of people regardless of age and interest, we ensure that anyone can find an immersive experience that truly resonates with them. Whether it’s the thrill of competition, the joy of strategy or simply the excitement of playing with their loved ones, HBL’s skill games create a universal appeal that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors.

3. Lengthen Guests’ Stay and Dwell Time

HBL | Skill Games

HBL’s skill games have the ability to keep your guests engaged and immersed in the excitement. This not only extends the time guests spend at your venue but also creates additional opportunities for enjoyment. The longer guests stay, the more likely they are to explore and indulge in the offerings of your attraction.

The heightened engagement also helps to increase foot traffic around the area, attracting other curious guests who in turn become eager to take part in the fun!

4. Flexible Space Utilisation

HBL | Midway Skill Games | E-World | Blockbuster

Concerned about the theming or utilisation of space in your venue? Fret not, HBL’s skill games, are specially designed to facilitate flexible and creative use of space. We recognise the value of existing setups and pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our skill games to fit any space while respecting the venue’s unique theming. Whether it’s a permanent structure or a pop-up game booth, HBL guarantees a seamless integration of our skill games that enhances the overall ambience of your attraction.

5. More Entertainment Choices for Guests

HBL | Skill Games Prizes

Expand your entertainment offerings by providing your guests with a wider variety of entertainment options! Beyond the existing attractions, allow HBL to create a range of options that cater to and appeal to different preferences and interests. From games to prizes, we ensure that our games deliver great value and excitement for all.


Tap into the complete potential of your entertainment venue by leveraging these 5 ways HBL can enhance your attraction. From elevated engagement to mass audience appeal, extended dwell time and more, partner with HBL to bring your attraction to brand-new heights. Contact us at to start a discussion today!

What a year it has been for HBL, and we wrapped it up with a bang with IAAPA Orlando 2023! Held at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) from 13 – 17 November, IAAPA Orlando brought together more than 35,000 industry professionals and over 1,000 exhibitors.

HBL’s booth at IAAPA Orlando was nothing short of spectacular, featuring our most popular skill game, Lobster Pot, which became a huge hit among attendees of all ages. Together with a dedicated team on the floor and dynamic videos on display, HBL was able to showcase our expertise in skill games and family arcades proudly.

HBL | IAAPA | Orlando 2023 Best Exhibit Award 2023

The crowning achievement of IAAPA Orlando 2023 however, was when HBL was honoured with the Best Exhibit award in the 400-600 square feet category. Featuring visuals from our new branding, this prestigious award showcased our dedication and commitment to innovation and also solidified HBL’s position as a global leader in skill games.

HBL | IAAPA Orlando 2023 | Give Kids the World Village

On Thursday, HBL also participated in the 17th Annual IAAPA Footprints from the Heart 5k Fun Run and 1 Mile Walk at Give Kids the World Village. This charitable organisation supports a noble cause — creating memorable vacations for critically ill children and their families. HBL’s participation and the delightful appearance of our exclusive HBL Bananas added an extra layer of fun and meaning to the run. View the highlights here.


As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re eagerly looking forward to what the coming year has in store for HBL. Here’s to more opportunities, more successes, and continuing to make a positive impact in the world of attractions!

HBL | IAAPA | Orlando 2023
HBL | IAAPA | Orlando 2023
HBL | IAAPA | Orlando 2023
HBL | IAAPA | Orlando 2023 Booth

Join us as we cast an Employee Spotlight on the incredible journey of Helen Roberts, showcasing her dedication and commitment that makes HBL a great workplace!

Helen Roberts started her journey with HBL in August 1989 where she got her start with our Chairman Tim Batstone in the squash scene, one re-named ‘Strings’ in Rhos-on-Sea and the other in Meliden.

In 1993, Helen transitioned into a Head Office role previously located above The Royal Arcade where she took charge of Playsafe Monitoring (now Quantum). As HBL ventured into the Middle East, the company experienced rapid growth and Helen’s role soon expanded to include cash control in local family arcades. During her first maternity leave in 1999, Helen made a smooth transition to working from home, highlighting HBL’s flexibility and family-friendly culture. This allowed Helen to continue her professional career while still able to prioritise her responsibilities to her family. However, when family life demanded more during her second maternity leave in 2001, she made the decision to temporarily shift into a part-time role focused solely on cash control.

With the family gaining more independence over the years, Helen eventually returned to full-time work in HBL, where she is now enjoying her current role as the North Wales Area Cash Controller for the last 15 years. Throughout her time in this role, she has witnessed the arcades transform from a seasonal to a year-round endeavour. This significant change has since provided her with a better sense of stability within the company.

When asked what makes HBL a great workplace for her, Helen says, “It is because of the great team and the great fun I have working with that team.” With teamwork and a good sense of humour, Helen was able to overcome numerous challenges in the workplace.

Amidst Helen Roberts’ remarkable journey, we hope this Employee Spotlight brilliantly captures her unwavering dedication and positive approach in HBL. We are truly grateful for her significant contributions to the company’s success!

HBL | Global Leader in Skill Games | Employee Spotlight | Helen Roberts

With a keen eye on growth in India, HBL has successfully blended spirituality and entertainment with the launch of 5 skill games at the Statue of Belief in India. Nestled beneath the awe-inspiring World’s Tallest Shiva Statue or the World’s 4th Tallest Statue, which stands at an impressive 112.5 metres or 369 feet, our skill games were officially launched in October 2023. This unique setup promises visitors a unique fusion of excitement against the stunning backdrop of the majestic statue.

HBL | Skill Games | Statue of Belief, India

Offering a diverse array of thrilling games suitable for players of all ages, we are absolutely delighted to introduce these 5 skill games to the Statue of Belief!

1. Lobster Pot

HBL | Skill Games | Statue of Belief, India | Lobster Pot

Lobster Pot is a crowd-favourite skill game where players can stand a chance to win a reversible octopus plush. This game is a true test of skill and precision as players aim to land both balls in the angled bucket.

2. Rebound

HBL | Skill Games | Statue of Belief, India | Rebound

A classic skill game that’s enjoyed by many, Rebound is a precision-based game that requires players to land a ball into the box by bouncing it against a screen above it. An adorable mix of plushes awaits the winner, including ducks, rabbits, hamsters and lambs.

3. Basketball

HBL | Skill Games | Statue of Belief, India | Basketball

Take aim and shoot for victory in the Basketball game, where players can score a basket to claim one of the many types of dog plushes. This widely-loved skill game is a magnet for basketball enthusiasts eager to showcase their skills off the court.

4. Blockbuster

HBL | Skill Games | Statue of Belief, India | Blockbuster

Blockbuster is a classic test of skill and accuracy. Players simply have to knock down all the blocks completely off the table to win either a duck or penguin plush to add to their collection!

5. Lift a Bottle

HBL | Skill Games | Statue of Belief, India HBL Lift a Bottle Skill Game

Using the game rod, players are tasked to make the bottle stand straight on the block in order to win. Lift a Bottle proves to be an entertaining game for players of all ages, with cute pink and grey rabbits for those who master the art of precision and balance.

Our introduction of a skill games operation at the Statue of Belief marks HBL’s 6th permanent site in India. This expansion is a significant milestone for HBL as we are committed to providing the best experiences and entertainment to a diverse global audience.

If you’re interested in exploring partnership opportunities with HBL, contact us at Let’s start a conversation today!