State-of-the-art arcade games

Our wide range of appealing Family Entertainment games deliver a fun, exciting experience for all. 

Family Arcades

HBL is a major international player in the Family Arcades sector, operating over 50 arcades globally with the number of new locations growing every year.

Inviting, friendly atmosphere

We provide a safe, family-friendly atmosphere supported by helpful staff and a wide range of attractive prizes.

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MoviePark FEC Prize Shop

Top quality prize redemption centres

Featuring a wide variety of high quality highly desirable prizes for our customers to browse and select.

Extra fun for visitors

HBL also operates coin-operated machines outside arcades – for example, water cannons, remote controlled cars and boats, dryers, cranes & skill prize machines to name a few. These offer extra fun for visitors and revenue opportunities for partners.

“HB Leisure is a major player in the Family Arcades sector, now running over 50 arcades around the world. Starting in 1932, we have enormous experience in this sector, and our approach is to constantly update our customer offer to keep up with the fast-changing times.”

Rod Hyde
Chief Executive Officer, HB Leisure