Environmental Sustainability

As a global business, HBL takes a responsible approach towards environmental sustainability. Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact focuses on two areas: 

  • Greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Landfill waste 

Overall, in 2022 we made progress and have planned for further, significant improvements in these areas by 2030.

Our Actions

Actions to date

  • In 2021 we switched to LED lights in HBL premises, contributing to an estimated 20% reduction in UK energy usage in 2022 
  • We have installed EV charging at HBL House in 2023 
  • We have increased purchasing of lightweight, inflatable plush – reducing GHG & landfill
  • We have on-shored filling plants, moving them nearer to our main markets– reducing GHG
  • In 2023 we are participating in a soft toys recycling programme in France in collaboration with Ecomaison – to reduce landfill waste 
  • In 2023, we introduced fully recyclable bags for transporting plush – reducing plastic waste to landfill 

Future Actions

  • Solar panels will be installed at The Palace Arcade in 2023 and subsequently rolled out to other HBL premises. This will deliver an estimated 30% reduction in Scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions by 2030
  • We recognise the importance of reducing Scope 3 emissions and have several related projects. From 2024 we will increase our purchases of recycled plush, leading to significant GHG reduction by 2030 
  • Plush supplier engagement. We are sending ES questionnaires to major suppliers in 2023. We will continue to raise ES awareness and encourage decarbonisation across our supply chain 
  • Product e-design. In 2023 and beyond, we will work with plush suppliers on product designs with lower environmental impact