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HB Leisure owes its name to Mr. Harold Burt - a gifted marine engineer who opened his first family arcade premises in North Wales, in 1932.

Today, the business has expanded beyond all recognition to become world leader in Skill Games: operating our games in over 90 major theme parks and attractions spread throughout the world. HBL games staff now bring their unique friendly touch to over 100 million customers, who win in excess of $50 million worth of prizes every year whilst enjoying the challenge of our games.

"When I look back at the how the company has developed since the early days when I took over from my grandfather it seems scarcely believable. This year we will be comfortably 200 times the size that we were back in 1987, and still growing. All the progress of course has been down to a fantastic team and to delivering a great product for our customers."

Tim Batstone

Chairman, HB Leisure

HB Leisure History

Not everything has changed – HB Leisure is still headquartered in North Wales, and the family connection remains - our current Chairman Tim Batstone is the grandson of the company’s founder. The family arcades activity, too, remains a healthy part of our business.

But the business transformation that took place under Tim´s leadership was greatly assisted by Skill Games, starting with the first tentative (and not very successful) experiment in 1991.

Visit our history timeline to trace this fascinating and challenging journey.

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Much of HBL’s success derives from our fantastic Partners – visit our PARTNERS PAGE to see who they are and what they say about us.



In addition to the well-being of our staff, HBL aims to support the wider local communities we work in and to take a responsible approach to the environment. To this end we regularly engage in local community initiatives, and look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

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